R & R Land Surveying



2007 Arbor Avenue, Belmont, CA 94002


Survey for Building Additions
 A field survey is performed locating your existing building and a map is
drawn showing the distances from building corners to the property lines.  A
designer or architect can then draw the proposed addition to be within or to the maximinum setback to the property line as allowed by the planning department.


Surveying for Proposed Fence
When constructing a fence, it is recommended that points be set on
an offset to the property line so that field points will still remain for
both you and your neighbor to inspect/check after fence is constructed.

Record of Survey Map
When properties that are portions of other lots combined which may have one
or more of the following:  easements, abandonments, dedications, differences in deeds or other material discrepancies, a "Record of Survey Map" is required 
and recorded with the County so information will be available for others.